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Hello!! World

Contrary to what you might be thinking, this post is not a test.

It’s a post about posts. A post about the posts in a blog, which in turn is about me. Are you confused yet? That’s a good sign.

To write a post for a blog (read: to be a “blogger”) might sound like a somewhat archaic concept, specially in the days of facebook statuses and tweets. But it only takes a look around the more specialized communities on the Internet to discover that there is a whole world out there, full of blogs that work, satisfying needs of all kinds. That is ideally how the web should work, don’t you think? With the primary objective of satisfying people’s needs. Everything else, everything secondary, is pure banality.

This site pretends to satisfy the needs of one person: me. What are those needs, you ask? Nothing too complicated:

  • To express my opinions on popular culture (comics, movies, music, videogames, etc.).
  • To keep my friends and relatives updated about my multiple projects.
  • To reflect on existential nonsense and to semi-bitterly criticize the world.

Then, as you can probably realize, this site is very likely to become a mix of both worlds: the useful and the trivial. You’re welcome to come back from time to time. We might agree on somethings, or you might find something new through one of my recommendations.

So, without further ado, let’s give free rein to the necessary banality!

Extra Info

Confused about the crude design of the blog’s header?. I’m not saying I usually excel in the artistic department, but neither am I an amateur using WordArt (if that’s still a thing nowadays). It’s actually a homage to one of my most important influences: the works of Goichi Suda.

Specifically, “Flower, Sun and Rain” is a surrealist interactive packaged in a tiny cartridge which, for a lack of a better term, we will refer to as “videogame”. Here goes a video:

The story progresses strangely and it’s hard to follow sequentially because, apparently, at the end of the day, the protagonist goes back to the beginning of that same day in a repetitive and endless cycle. Much like Bill Murray’s classic: Groundhog Day (or like Majora’s Mask, for the youngsters).

Edo Macallister's Hello!! Save DataOne of the characters is called Edo Macallister. He is the manager of the “Flower, Sun and Rain” Hotel, and he’s the one who hires the main character (Sumio Mondo) to investigate a possible “terrorist attack”. Edo, with a seemingly attentive and pretty one-dimensional personality, ends up being more mysterious and gloomy than expected. As if it were a dream, when you least expect it, the most reliable and loyal person in the game turns around and sees you with the eyes of an unrecognizable monster.

Thus, the “look” of this humble blog was pirated from the save screen of this awesome game, which is less a videogame and more of an excellent interactive story with illogical puzzles and inexplicable events.