Playlist: Hello!! Sampler (March 2015)

After another busy week, let’s try a new sort of musical post. Each month, I’ll share what I’m listening, my personal playlist that I usually hear on my way to work or whenever I have to use public transportation without company. This time, the playlist was put together as a sample of my musical tastes so you know what to expect from the reviews and musical articles I’ll be posting here in this blog. The plan is to make one playlist each month, and throughout the month, I’ll be reviewing the tracks in the list.

For this occasion, even though the mix is pretty varied, the mood ranges from melancholic and nostalgic to looming and unsettling. This was intentional, and what originally inspired me was listening to “The Eraser“ (a Thom Yorke album) for the first time.

Many of the songs are somewhat “downtempo”, and there’s a lot of electronica, since I also recently discovered Flume (shared a bit from him over here). However, there’s also plenty of rock in there, to better represent my tastes. In general, this experiment ended up being quite the trip down memory lane, but it also helped me to better organize my musical influences and determine what my favorite albums and indispensable artists are.

A lot of them are missing, such as The Police, Depeche Mode, The Killers, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Nine Inch Nails and a long etcetera, but making the playlist longer seemed like an excess. For now, I will try to limit the total time to about an hour and I will try not to include more than two songs per artist. I’ll probably keep these rules for the monthly playlists.

I encourage you to give it a listen and give me your opinion. I could really use some suggestions to figure out if there are songs that don’t fit or if anyone knows of a better match. Also, if you don’t like”8 Tracks” (because it won’t let you go back to previous tracks, careful with that!), do tell me of other possible services to upload the playlist there. That way I can try to please different preferences.

“8 Tracks” doens’t let you visualize all the tracks beforehand either, but I’ll leave the written playlist down below:

1. Sleepless | Flume
It seemed like a good track to kickstart the playlist. Although it might have a slightly more lively rhythm than the rest of the tracks, it doesn’t get to the point of being corny. Sleepless is a positive note to start the day, to take that first step in the long road of everyday life.

2.Harrowdown Hill | Thom Yorke
3. Paranoid Android (Feat. Kirsty Rock) | Easy Star All-Stars
4. Bodhisattva | José James
5. Vanishing | A Perfect Circle
6. Don’t Hate Me | Porcupine Tree
7. 505 | Artic Monkeys
8. Lines | Lucy Rose
9. Wooden Horse (Caspar Hauser’s Song) | Suzanne Vega
10. Stardust | Ian Brown
11. How Does It Make You Feel | Air
12. Motherboard | Daft Punk
13. El Mañana | Gorillaz
14. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing | Garbage
15. Bring You Down (feat. George Maple) | Flume
16. Love Away | Capital Cities

Throughout the month, I’ll update this list with links to each song’s review. And for next month, we’ll have a special playlist dedicated to a place I’ll visit after many years: San Luis Potosí.