Thank you, Lucy

Being the couple of anime geeks that we are, my wife and I discovered Lucy Rose’s music through the opening song for the second season of Mushishi, a very contemplative and unconventional anime. After hearing the song (“Shiver”), we immediately went online to find out more about the artist and listen to her stuff.

Since then, Lucy’s music has been a part of our everyday playlists. And when we found out about her trip through South America and Mexico, we were very exited about seeing her live for the first time. Up until that point, we hadn’t bothered to dig up any information about who Lucy was, or where she stood in the music industry. We hadn’t even watched most of her music videos. For all we knew, she was a renowned artist that could have easily toured in larger venues, so we were lucky she was playing for free at such small and personal places.

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Playlist 2016 – Can’t Give Everything Away

Once again, let’s start a playlist for the year. But here’s the new dynamic: I’ll add the albums I’m currently listening to, limiting myself to the last 2 or 3 productions of every artists, and I’ll specify which tracks are my favorites in each album. And since most of them will be fairly new releases, not all the music will be available on YouTube, so I’ll give you links to the official websites so you can buy the music in whatever format you prefer. I’ll eventually make a list in YouTube with the songs that are available there.

So here’s the list in alphabetical order, which will be updated throughout the year:

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Play List 2015 – This Is Where We Are Now

Trying something new and easier to handle, I give you a playlist that will include everything I listen to regularly throughout the year. There will be music that I first listened to many years ago, and I’ve  picked up again with a new appreciation; music from last year’s playlist that I still listen to; music from a few years ago that I’m just now discovering; and pretty newer music that has represented very accurately what this year has meant to me.

Give it a listen, play it on shuffle and enjoy a little more than 3 hours of music (and counting). In its due time, I’ll be commenting on the albums it includes.

Sleepless | Flume

For the first track of this month’s “official” playlist, we have Spleepless by the musician and DJ Flume.

As I had previously told you, I recently discovered Flume’s first and only album, thanks to iOhnn, a new collaborator and a good friend. After listening to it several times while at the office (directly from iOhnn’s Spotify), I went searching for more info on Flume and ended up downloading his music.

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Playlist: Hello!! Sampler (March 2015)

After another busy week, let’s try a new sort of musical post. Each month, I’ll share what I’m listening, my personal playlist that I usually hear on my way to work or whenever I have to use public transportation without company. This time, the playlist was put together as a sample of my musical tastes so you know what to expect from the reviews and musical articles I’ll be posting here in this blog. The plan is to make one playlist each month, and throughout the month, I’ll be reviewing the tracks in the list.

For this occasion, even though the mix is pretty varied, the mood ranges from melancholic and nostalgic to looming and unsettling. This was intentional, and what originally inspired me was listening to “The Eraser“ (a Thom Yorke album) for the first time.

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