Pull List, November 04, 2015

This week is so full of awesome books coming out, that I felt I had to get back into the habit of writing about my weekly pull list. Never mind that I have procrastinated in a much needed (albeit minor) redesign for my site.

So, as you’ll see, my pull list continues at a stable 50-50 rate. One half consisting of super hero and franchise comics, and the other are creator-owned comics. This is something I’m not only proud of, but something I feel the need to spread the word about, to let people know that there are some serious master pieces being produced in the medium. Even if you don’t usually read comics, there’s certainly going to be something that catches your eye if you take a look at the creator-owned books. There’s a broad range of genres and styles, so just take a peek or feel free to ask me for advice. You’ll be hooked and you won’t regret it!

AmazingSpider-Man#3(2015-10)Amazing Spider-Man #3
Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Price: $3.99
I know what you’re thinking: “another Marvel reboot???”. Yes, I also think it’s ridiculous. This latest “all-new, all-different, all-cash-grabbing” attempt hasn’t gone unnoticed for me. And to prove just that (if only to myself), I have gotten rid of several Marvel books in my pull list. However, there are 2 heroes that are unfortunately too close to my heart to let them go. As you probably already know, Spidey is one of them. And I gotta say, writer Dan Slott continues to knock it out of the park with this one. Even when I though he had run out of fresh ideas, we get a new and interesting take on the character. Give this one a try if you can, it’s absolutely 100% better than the last reboot, also thanks to the superb Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Deadpool#1(2015-10)Deadpool #1
Marvel Comics
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Mike Hawthorne
Price: $4.99
This is actually the hardest book to justify this week. Don’t get me wrong, I love Deadpool and Gerry Duggan has continuously made me enjoy his run on the character. It’s also great to have Hawthrone back as the series’ main artist. However, Marvel is in full cash-cow mode when it comes to our friendly neighborhood merc with a mouth. 5 bucks is a ridiculous price when there have been so many oversized (and overpriced) Deadpool issues lately: Deadpool’s wedding, the Death of Deadpool… please Marvel. Just stop. Just give me a regular Deadpool series and I’ll keep buying it. Do another relaunch and I’m calling it quits.

JamesBond#1James Bond #1 (VARGR)
Dynamite Entertainment
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jason Masters
Price: $3.99
In my comic book buying habits, there are books that I buy because of the character, and there are the ones I buy because of the writer. This one however, I’m buying for both of those reasons. No way I’d miss my favorite writer’s take on one of the most recognized characters of the last century. And not only is Bond an interesting character, he is also a tricky beast to tame when it comes to storytelling. All his movies are either excellent and innovative or completely bland and superficial. It’s hit or miss, really. But I have absolute faith in Ellis’ ability to make us care for complete sons of bitches.

Nailbiter#17Nailbiter #17
Image Comics
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Mike Henderson
Price: $2.99
Nailbiter continues to be the go-to book when recommending something from the horror genre. It’s Hannibal, meets Wes Craven, meets X-Files/Twin Peaks… The shocks and scares keep on getting better with each issue, and so does the overall plot which doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. And that’s a good thing!

PaperGirls#2Paper Girls #2
Image Comics
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Cliff Chang
Price: $2.99
Next year, you’re gonna hear the name “Brian K. Vaughan” get mentioned a lot (if you haven’t already). With several large-scale epics under his belt (one of them, “Y: The Last Man”, about to become a TV series), he is one of the most unorthodox, prolific (fortunately) and talented writers of this generation. Why unorthodox? Well, for one, he continues to work solely on creator-owned comics with extremely talented artists. But also, as you can see, his comics are some of the cheapest in my list (even when sometimes they are double-sized). And I could go into greater detail about him, but what you currently need to know is that Paper Girls is a very promising series. It initially seems like a period piece set in the 80’s about a group of newspaper delivery girls, but surprisingly ends up delving into the paranormal. Trust me, you can’t miss this one.

WeStandonGuard#5We Stand on Guard #5
Image Comics
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Steve Skroce
Price: $2.99
Another one by Mr. Vaughan! And although I can’t recommend this one to everybody, you should definitely check it out if you like futuristic fiction. It’s a short mini-series about a war between Canada and the US in the 2100’s.


Pull List Total: $21.94
Seeing as I’m currently on a limited budget, I’d say this week was alright. And with so much awesome titles this week, $22 bucks is totally worth it.

I’ll be adding the links to buy each one as they become available tomorrow. And if I ever do a review of the series listed here, I’ll add those too.