Pull List Survivors

There was a comics apocalypse in 2016. Along the bad start of the year I had in economical terms, the downfall of the Mexican peso had it’s first impact on collectors and gamers, before anyone else. Also, Decomixado, my main comic book provider decided to inexplicably close its doors. Even in spite of its evident partnership with La Mole Comic Con and the thousands of people attending events like the “Free Comic Book Day”, it seems that business wasn’t as good as expected. I guess that, again, the fall of the peso is to blame.

But this forced purge on my pull list comes as somethings good, because if we compare it with the list from more than a year ago, the surviving titles are all of very high quality, and they are mostly creator-owned books. There are almost no titles from the big M.

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Pull List, November 04, 2015

This week is so full of awesome books coming out, that I felt I had to get back into the habit of writing about my weekly pull list. Never mind that I have procrastinated in a much needed (albeit minor) redesign for my site.

So, as you’ll see, my pull list continues at a stable 50-50 rate. One half consisting of super hero and franchise comics, and the other are creator-owned comics. This is something I’m not only proud of, but something I feel the need to spread the word about, to let people know that there are some serious master pieces being produced in the medium. Even if you don’t usually read comics, there’s certainly going to be something that catches your eye if you take a look at the creator-owned books. There’s a broad range of genres and styles, so just take a peek or feel free to ask me for advice. You’ll be hooked and you won’t regret it!
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Cimarronin #1 – Action-packed historical fiction at its finest

It’s one of those nights. I have so many things in my to-do list that I’m having trouble figuring out what to do first. And all of a sudden, while casually browsing Comixology, one of their sales piqued my interest. A series titled “Cimarronin”, with the catchphrase “A Samurai in New Spain” and a synopsis that promised samurai, Jesuit priests, Spanish dukes, African slaves and Manchu princesses on adventure from Manila to Mexico (New Spain).

Are you kidding me? That sounded like Django Unchained meets Samurai Champloo on steroids! I had to check it out immediately! And so, I did. I  tried to find out if this odd book had been printed, but that wasn’t the case, so I purchased the digital collected edition without losing another minute. And it was quite the deal too, at only $1.99 USD for the 3 issues.

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This week’s haul

It’s not all about super-heroes in spandex. There’s a whole universe out there, outside from Marvel and DC. I’ll be recommending some of these series relatively soon-ish.

Nailbiter – Hack/Slash (One-Shot)
Image Comics
Writers: Tim Seeley / Joshua Williamson
Art: Mike Henderson / Emilio Laiso

Blackcross #1
Dynamite Comics
Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Colton Worley

Nameless #2
Image Comics
Writer: Grant Morrison
Art: Chris Burnham / Nathan Fairbairn